Suggested Winter Gigging…

28 09 2008

Now that Summer Festival Season is nothing but a distant fond memory again, we are faced with a WHOLE BLOODY WINTER to get through before the madness starts again. Never fear, for those lucky enough to reside in the cosmopolitan metropolis that is Dublin city, there is a lovely little selection of winter gigs to choose from to warm your cockles and lift your spirits.

Jape – The Button Factory, 9th October. Richie Egan at his finest, promoting his latest endeavour, Ritual.

In The Country and Susanna (of Susanna and the Magical Orchestra) bring a Norwegian double bill to Whelans on Saturday October 25th. Check out her amazing cover of Joy Division’s Love Will Tear Us Apart. Possibly one of the most widely covered songs around yet, unlike most, Susanna does it justice. Check out this clip of U2 and Arcade Fire making a haimes of the song for easy comparisons on how to and how not to do an Ian Curtis impression.

Roots Manuva – 1st November, The Academy. London based rapper Roots Manuva brings his mix of dub/funk/ragga/hip-hop (!) to Middle Abbey Street. Expect a cult following.

Cold War Kids – The Academy, 5th November. I’ve been raging that I missed their Ambassador date in November ’07 for almost a year now. I won’t be making that mistake again, no sir-ee, uh uh. I suggest you don’t either.

Hot Club de Paris – The Button Factory, 8th November. I can’t recommend this Liverpool-based band more. A little bit indie, a little bit punk but also a little bit different to the usual blah blah indie-punk.

Bestival Reunion Tour feat. Florence & The Machine, Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip, DJ Yoda, 808 State and more – Tripod, Friday 14th November. Ahhh…. now this is the one that has me jumping up and down with excitement. 808 State, Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip AND Florence and the Machine, all in one night!!! I’ve developed something of an obsession with young Florence since hearing her mind-blowing cover of the Cold War Kids song Hospital Beds – see clip posted a few weeks ago, fantastic stuff altogether.

If that’s not really your bag, you could hop, skip or jump down to Middle Abbey Street on the same night – November 14th – to indulge in a spot of dubstep. Benga plays Traffic as part of the Twisted Pepper line-up (formerly Bodytonic). Altogether now… be be be be boo boo boo boo……. 😉

Bon Iver – National Stadium, 3rd December. If you didn’t manage to get tickets for thew now sold-out Tripod show on the 7th October, then beg, steal or borrow a pair for Juston Vernon’s 3rd Irish date of the year.

So there you have it. For the time being. Ok so you’ll be poor. But we’re in the midst of a recession, you may as well be poor and happy.. and you don’t have to stand in a field.

Video Clips 🙂

Benga & Coki – Night

Cold War Kids dabbling in some pretty impressive instrumental ad-libbing…

Dan le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip -Thou Shalt Always Kill

John Bonham ~ the man

25 09 2008

Today marks the 28th anniversary of John Bonham’s untimely death. Bonham, whose son Jason Bonham filled his shoes for Led Zeppelin’s reunion gig in 2007, died on 25th September 1980 from asphyxiation after a heavy drinking session.

He remains one of the greatest drummers that the world has ever seen (and probably ever will…).

RIP Moby Dick

The Music Show ~ RDS

24 09 2008

The Music Show (formerly Music Ireland), Hotpress magazine’s comprehensive exhibition showcasing all things, em, musical is back in the RDS next weekend, Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th of October.

The exhibition brings together the cream of the Irish music industry all under one roof. With exhibitors ranging from recording studios and duplication plants to vintage guitar stores and rock schools, you’re sure to find something to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, whether you’re in the industry or not. Complementing the exhibitors, there are a number of workshops running throughout the weekend such as drum and guitar masterclasses and recording techniques tutorials, all headed by experts in their respective fields. Seminars and panel discussions chaired by the likes of Liam O’Maonlaí (he of Hothouse Flowers fame), Mick Quinn (rock photographer extraordinaire) and Dave Fanning (needs no introduction) serve to provide invaluable insight to the ins and outs of the music business.

And thats not even the best part. For the bargain price of €15.00 (weekend ticket in advance), you get to witness live performances from the fabulous Ham Sandwich, The Blizzards, Jaded Sun (check these guys out if you get a chance – really great classic rock sound from an unbelievably underrated Irish band) and Mercury-nominated Fionn Regan, to name but a few.

So, if you’re in any way musically inclined and find yourself free next weekend, get yourself to the RDS for the only Dublin Show of it’s kind.

Tickets available from Ticketmaster.

Jack & Coke

18 09 2008

What I’ve gathered from the past few days of media furore regarding Jack Whites elusive new Bond song is this…

1. Jack pens song for new Bond movie, Quantum of Solace.

2. Bond team and Coca Cola team get all smoochy smoochy together.

3. A snippet of Another Way to Die (Jack White’s Bond song) is used in a Coke commercial.

4. Jack flips the lid.

Jack White was commissioned by Sony Pictures to write a theme song for the James Bond film ‘Quantum Of Solace’, not for Coca Cola,” say Jacks management team, “Any other use of the song is based on decisions made by others, not by Jack White.”

The song in all fairness, is not really worth the hype that it’s clearly generating accidentally-on-purpose. And I say this as a HUGE Jack White fan. It has all the formulaic ingredients to be the perfect Bond song. Pitch perfect Alicia Keys provides pristine vocals. Piano and saxophone crescendo perfectly into an overstated orchestral climax which, in all fairness, will probably be a fantastic accompaniment to a dramatic scene in the movie. But where’s the gritty, out-of-synch signature sound that we have come to associate with Jack White? It’s just a little too polished for my liking.

I’ve tried to capture a clip of the video but Sony BMG have gone all Prince-esque and thrown a copyright hissy fit. Not to worry, it’ll be all over the shop upon release thanks to all the hype. Not that that was intentional or anything…

Internet gem…

18 09 2008

Presumably in some sort of wacky celebration of the recent release of their singles collection, The Coral have been recording a musical mini-series consisting of of 3 to 5 minute video snippets for The Guardian’s website. Go check it out, well worth a gander.

Oh, and if you find yourself on unfamiliar territory, I strongly suggest that you pick up a copy of said singles collection.. for some unknown reason it was perched on a lonely sale stand in Golden Discs for €12.95 this week. Miley Cyrus’s 128th boxset with gold leaf packaging and free recording contract for every customer was €64.95 and selling like hotcakes.

As Promised….

14 09 2008

…Elbow performing The Lonliness of a Towe Crane Driver at the Mercury’s. Oh god it gets better with every listen.

The Gaslight Anthem

14 09 2008

Every single review I’ve read about The Gaslight Anthem’s second album, The ’59 Sound, has likened the New Jersey quartet’s sound to that of Bruce Springsteen’s Born To Run era, probably because it’s completely accurate and impossible to ignore. In parts lead singer Brian Fallon sounds more like Springsteen than The Boss himself and the bands storytelling-style lyrics confirm that they graduated top of the class at The Dylan-Springsteen School of Songwriting. With the recent radio revival of a more ‘classic rawk!’ sound in favour of the nonchelant indie-cool sound of past years, they’re pushing all the right buttons in the media anyway. The Gaslight Anthem’s saving grace from sounding like a Springsteen cover band (and maybe a little ‘twee’?) is the fact that underpinning all this homegrown all-American patriotism is the subtle but sweet punk undertones reminiscent of Joe Strummer and his ilk.

I’m a bit surprised at myself because, in all honesty, I set out to write a much more favourable review of these guys. Being a huge Springsteen and Strummer fan, I personally think their sound is great – there’s a fantastic song up on their myspace page at the moment called Say I Won’t Recognize that has a clever reprise that slightly, and ever so delicately, hints at notes from The Smashing Pumpkins, before it bursts full throttle into epic Americana once again – but it’s certainly not as new and exciting as much of the media hype is touting it to be. I can see them becoming firm favorites with those who favour their punk and rock diluted and grown-up respectively – The Gaslight Anthem give great scope and opportunity for championing a ‘cool new band’ while still being able to listen to the comfortable conservative rock with which you’ve become accustomed. Cynical? Probably. Don’t get me wrong, I think they’re a great band with bags of talent but I’d love to hear them nurture those delicate little intricities as heard on afore-mentioned song, Say I Won’t Recognize, for their third album.

The clip below is their video for the title track of the album, The ’59 Sound.