18 11 2008


There’s been a quiet buzz rising since late Summer about R.S.A.G (Rarely Seen Above Ground) AKA Jeremy Hickey, Kilkenny multi-instrumentalist/singer/producer/latest Irish prodigy providing an alternative to the stale taste that the ‘indie scene’ has left in our mouths. As per usual, those intrepid heavyweight bloggers got the skinny on him months ago but as yet he’s still not a household name. Hickey’s debut under the R.S.A.G. psudonym Organic Sampler recieved rave reviews from those in the know. Everyone from Talking Heads to Zeppelin to The Chemical Brothers are sited as influences but the most prominant sound is one not dissimilar to a young Ian Curtis.

R.S.A.G plays Kennedy’s Underground and Andrew’s Lane in December with stints in Tralee and Tullamore before Christmas too, details of which can be found on his myspace page. The clip below is a bit tinny sounding but does the job, some great songs up on said myspace page too. More to follow regarding my latest obsession very, very soon….




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