Orbital to Headline Electric Picnic ’09?

25 11 2008

And it seems like only yesterday that I legged it over to Oxegen’s dance arena to witness the historic event that was Orbital’s last ever Irish gig… ah fond memories. Although it was only 4 years ago. In the current climate of ‘Reunited’ tours (Any takers for Boyzone’s cover of the Tom Baxter ‘classic’, Better? Anyone?), it’s nice to hear of one reformation that doesn’t make you want to camp outside Louis Walsh’s house with a harpoon.

It was announced last week that brothers Phil and Paul Hartnoll (…and together we are Orbital) are to play a gig together called “20 years after Chime” at The Big Chill Festival 2009, sparking rumours that the duo will carry on across the water for Electric Picnic, which is fast overtaking Oxegen as Ireland’s most popular music festival. In a statement released by Orbital, Phil Hartnoll said “It’s not an exercise in nostalgia, the time just seems right. Everything just seemed to fall into place”.

Phew, well that’s alright then Phil. There’s nothing worse than organised nostalgia, is there Louis?


Clip below: ‘One Perfect Sunrise’ by Orbital (BBC footage) at their ‘last ever gig’, Glastonbury 2004.




2 responses

25 11 2008

Fingers crossed this happens and they dont get hoodwinked into playin that pikey shitbox pOxegen.. I’d love to see them perform ‘Chime’ again, possibly the finest electro records of all time..pure acid house madness..and the picnic’s the only place to see that happen..

22 10 2016

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