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This blog is really a self-indulgent outlet for my gripes and obsessions.

Any music posted here – video clips, mp3 or otherwise – is posted purely for the enjoyment of listening and is not intended for any commercial purposes. However, if I have posted a clip of your music that you would rather not have adorning my blog, just let me know and its gone.


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17 04 2009
Ruth Tam


My name is Ruth Tam and I write for my high school’s student newspaper in Rolling Meadows, IL by Chicago. Every month, I write a feature on events in Chicago that students can go to. This month, I wanted to include a Keane concert. I was wondering if I could obtain your permission to republish a photo I found through your site. I found it at this link:

Please let me know as soon as possible if this would be alright!


29 07 2009

Hi there, Maria Tecce here.
Just started a wordpress blog and a mention came up for your blog from Fringe Fest 2008. Thanks for mentioning me in your blog last year for the Dublin Fringe Festival, much appreciated!

I can add you to my blog roll if you’re interested? and if you’re up for it, I’m performing my sizzling Viva! show in Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year Aug. 6 – 30 at The Assembly Rooms. Going to be a knock down, drag out, cracker of a festival I believe.

My blog is ‘Viva la Diva loca’ , thanks again and keep up the good work.


Maria Tecce

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