Hello Again / Cam’s Mix Tape

5 02 2012

It has been close to two years since I last posted here due to various mitigating circumstances. Y’know, life and the like. Recently though, the pull of having a place all of my very own from which to spout nonsense from has proved too strong and I find myself back here again, spouting nonsense.

Shall we start with a list? Imagine you’re turning nine. You wake up on the morning of your birthday and instead of the professional rollerblades you have been angling for since Christmas, your mother has decided that it’s time you put a bit of distance between yourself and those Pitbull and Lady Gaga singles and opted – not for those black rollerblades with the red flame motifs on the side – but rather for a crappy homemade CD with a crudely-scrawled ‘Happy 9th Birthday!!!’ standing in for cover art, in the hope that it might steer you in ‘the right’ musical direction. What could possibly be on that CD that wouldn’t make you want to emancipate yourself from said mother immediately?

This is my predicament. This is what I’ve come up with:

Cam’s Mix Tape 


AC/DC – Thunderstruck (live)

The Who – My Generation

Outkast – Hey Ya!

Beastie Boys – Sabotage

De La Soul – The Magic Number

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

Happy Mondays – Step On

ELO – Mr. Blue Skies

The White Stripes – Hotel Yorba

Bruce Springsteen – Born in the USA

Curtis Mayfield – Move On Up

House of Pain – Jump Around

Daft Punk – One More Time

Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit

Blur – Song 2

The Ramones – Blitzkreig Bop

The Clash – Rock the Casbah

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Bad Moon Rising

Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart


The Specials – A Message to You Rudy

The Stone Roses – Waterfall

Oasis – Rock ‘n’ Roll Star

Arctic Monkeys – I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor

The Strokes – Last Night

Groove Armada – Superstylin’
Hot Chip – Over & Over

The Prodigy – Out of Space

The Cure – Lovecats

The Clash – London Calling

The Beatles – Come Together

Kings of Leon – Taper Jean Girl

The Black Keys – Lonely Boy

Michael Jackson – Thriller

Fleetwood Mac – The Chain

Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love

Bob Marley & The Wailers – Jammin’

The Rolling Stones – Gimmie Shelter

The Beach Boys – God Only Knows

*Disclosure: I also bought him a Scalextric set.

Oxegen – Day One

17 07 2009

The first gig I ever went to without my parents was Blur’s 1995 RDS appearance. My mother made me bring a padlock to secure my jacket around my waist lest I get torn limb from limb in the crowd at “one of those wild concerts”. Naive, wide-eyed and stone-cold sober, I didn’t know what to expect. Thanks to a well-tested combination of clambering over shoulders, diving through legs and downright pigheaded ignorance, my tween sidekick and I managed to get right up to the barriers; it’s a method I still swear by today and last night it served me well once again as I found myself, 14 year’s later, within touching distance of Damon. Well, almost. Kicking things off with ‘She’s So High’ and leading straight into ‘Boys and Girls’, the crowd were whipped into such a frenzy it didn’t matter ithat most of them were still in nappies when the band had their heyday. After Glasto, Hyde Park and now Oxegen, Blur have cemented their status as timeless band. With all the energy and boyish good looks of teenagers, 40-somethings Albarn and Coxon leapt about the stage like springboks on speed to ‘Parklife’, ‘Song 2’, ‘There’s No Other Way’ and stared in awe and gratitude at their adoring crowd before emotionally, almost tearfully, performing their unforgettable encore ‘The Universal’, during which Damon leapt into a crowd that surged forward to grapple at any piece of his body available. I think I copped a feel of his shin. Alex James remained cool, aloof and extremely competent as usual. Some things never change. This was it people, this was the big one. You can have your Killers and your King of Leon; Blur are this weekend’s true headliners. If you were there, you’re going to be recounting it in your ‘best ever gigs’ list in 30 years time as you sit around some oul fellas boozer with your mates who are still gonna be raging that they missed it.

In other news…


Lily Allen charmed her way through a great set with her undeniable adorableness and unassuming demeanour making up for what she lacked in volume. Quiet as a mouse or blame it on the sound system? Maybe a combination of the two.


Fight Like Apes played to a half-packed Green Spheres tent as they blazed their way through songs from their love-it-or-hate-it album with demonic energy. MayKay gave it her all as usual proving once again what a fantastic frontwoman she is. The crowd went beserk along with her to ‘Lend me your Face’ and ‘Do You Karate?’ in particular. Mad shower of fans altogether.

The gaps in my evening consisted of getting the stage times wrong and missing the Fun Lovin’ Criminals, wandering over to see Pendulum ripping up the stage and taking a quick peek in the Dance Arena. I didn’t stay long… it’s a whole other world in there, maybe by Sunday I’ll be worn down enough to brave it. Until then, I’ll be scouting about for goss, trying to avoid Abrakebabra, falling over drunk teenagers and generally drinking in the festival atmosphere which, in true Oxegen style, is suddenly starting to look very muddy indeed!

On the line-up for today is Pete(r) Doherty, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Elbow, Eagles of Death Metal, TV on the Radio, Regina Spektor, Pet Shop Boys, Messiah J and the Expert, Doves, Kings of Leon and, one I definitely won’t be missing, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Totally Dublin’s team of Oxegenarians will be Tweeting from the site all day with news and updates and you can check back tomorrow on this here blog for a breakdown of the day’s events as they unfolded, the morning after the day before style. Right, I’m off to grab a breakfast roll and watch the Saw Doctors.