Folk’s Finest

8 08 2009

In a world where indie-folk is the closest that conventional media comes to grass roots music, it’s hopeful and humbling to see a beautiful collection of traditional folk songs survive. ‘Folk Songs’, the latest project for James Yorkston – who has put his usual backing band The Athletes on ice whilst he collaborates with The Big Eyes Family Players – is windswept and stripped back in the best possible sense of the words. Taking primary inspiration from folk heroine Annie Briggs and paying homage to songs that have been held close and past down through generations of Irish and British families and townspeople, Yorkston’s take on time-weathered classics such as Sovay (an intricate tale of a young woman who poses as a highway robber to test her lovers dedication) and the frantically sinister Mary Connaught and James O’Connell is a moment of sweet sparsity that somehow rises triumphantly over the cacophony of contemporary music.

Take a look at the clips below of James at work with the Big Eyes Family Players and of ‘Martinmas Time’ from ‘Folk Songs’.

Warm Feeling

24 11 2008

Like ReadyBrek in audible form for a cold Monday Morning… 



James Yorkston “Woozy With Cider”.